Natalie Taylor artist statement March 2022

What can be done when your heart is breaking in a thousand different ways with the enormity of the current ecological and climate crisis?

What good is this passion for the natural world and the wonders within, if nothing is done to encourage protection and regeneration for the years to come?

I feel driven to capture this raw emotion and use it to create something that can work towards change.

As an artist, I believe I can address the crisis through my work both as an individual, and as part of wider collective action. Art is one of the most powerful tools we have to communicate on difficult themes and by using my skills of creativity and collaboration I can encourage action and deeper thought. As Buddhist scholar and activist Joanna Macy frames it, the intention is to actively contribute towards the Great Turning in this age of the Great Unravelling.

Using materials as sustainably as possible, I create art and deliver workshops which aim to inspire self-expression, challenge thinking, and bring people together. My work relies on my meticulous research and planning – particularly in location-based projects.

While I’m deeply passionate I am also very sensitive to the differing cultural aspects of art and community outreach when tackling issues. Collaboration is a key element of all my work.

Having trained as a sculptor, I see potential within every material for communication. I love to push the boundaries of sculpture, by using living plants to ‘speak’ to us through language written in flowers. I find this particularly compelling in urban and city locations.

The intersection between art and science is a recurring theme in my art, pushing me to explore and highlight the delicate balance humanity hangs in.

I pour every ounce of myself into my work and this passion drives me to seek new techniques and reach out further.

I very much look forward to working with you.

Edinburgh, Scotland

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