Natural Paint Pigment workshops
Available for your group or school session

Artist Natalie Taylor is offering natural paint pigment workshops in the Edinburgh area for your group or classroom.

You will learn:

How to identify urban and rural natural materials suitable for making paint pigments.

How to prepare and make inks and paints from a wide variety of materials such as a wide variety of soil collectd rom across Scotland, hand made charcoal, spices, plants and roots.

How to make these materials adhere to the surface material such as paper or cloth.

Duration: 1.5 hours – 3 hours depending on your group or project

Cost: £125 -£250 per workshop according to duration and participant numbers. Please email me for more info and a tailored price.

Detail of a painting made from soil pigments, The Intelligence of the Mycorrhizosphere

Various paint pigments including soil

Making charcoal sticks for drawing from found sticks

Grinding charcoal to make black paint

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