Scran Fir Bees

North Edinburgh, 2022 Corner of Ferry Road and West Granton Access

Community engaged project with another planting in Sept 2022

I have been working with North Edinburgh Arts on a large-scale art installation that directly helps our struggling bees and butterflies. This message, SCRAN FIR BEES written in wildflowers is both an ecological intervention and a statement about the situation. By planting ‘scran’, or food for bees, we are helping not only them but also ourselves. Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, hovverflies, and other insects are directly involved in producing the majority of our crops by flying from flower to flower and spreading their pollen around.

And yet sadly the insect population is dropping fast due to conventional farming practices and the herbicides and insecticides that we spray in our gardens and parks.

This artwork seeks to both raise awareness and also provide us and insects with a beautiful verge. There are many workshops and events coming up in Sept 2022 in the local area of Muirhouse and West Pilton if you are interested in getting involved.

There will be a second part to this in Muirhouse to be planted in September – more details coming soon! Please sign up for North Edinburgh Arts newsletter, follow NorthEdinarts on social media or contact them at

Commissioned by North Edinburgh Arts. The Scran Fir Bees project has been enabled by the Edinburgh City Council Housing service, and funded by the University of Edinburgh’s Community Micro-Grant  and The National Lottery: Together For Our Planet Fund.

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