Luminous Muirhouse

Participatory project, commissioned by Edinburgh’s Centipede Project

Luminous Muirhouse was commissioned by the Centipede Project in 2013 as a way to bring people together to celebrate the brownfield sites in Muirhouse, and to bring focus to the impending building regeneration project now underway.

It was a UV sensitive large scale painted installation on the carpark surface, illuminated by black light. All parts of the process were designed and created in collaboration with local people, including Senior 3 Craigroyston High School pupils who designed the blueprint of the eco home along with Eileen Hall; a Youth unemployment training group, Tomorrow’s People; a youth arts group, Zoo Arts, led by Alice Betts; and other local specialist groups who contributed the furniture ideas. There was also a local dance baton twirling team who came to perform on the night.

In addition, we commissioned Kenny Bean to lead portrait photography workshops which were projected in still form as well as slow mo onto the Muirhouse St Andrews church walls.

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