Amphitheatre, 2016

Designer: Natalie Taylor
Commissioned by The Centipede Project
25m x 1.75m x 2m

This project was conceived as a way of creatively utilising the large mound of subsoil left by contractors after creating the Muirhouse Five fields project to my design. 

This 25m x 1.75m x 2m mound was transformed into a recycled tyre amphitheatre with the enormous help of 200 participants, many of whom were local volunteers.

We learned how to ram tyres, lay turf and keep grass alive in a three week long heatwave almost unheard of in Scotland.

Children love to climb, run down and balance on the tyres and structure. It has also been used as a performance space by local groups.

This project won the Children in Scotland/ RIAS award for My Space by public vote in November 2016.

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