The Intelligence of the Mycorrhizosphere, 2022 170cm x 170cm

Painting on paper made with soils from East Lothian and the National Soils Archive, James Hutton Institute. Made during a year long residency with North Light Arts, this painting is the artist’s response to finding that most of the life in soil is found immediately surrounding plants’ roots. A complex system of life inhabits the 1-3mm of soil surrounding a plant’s roots where microbes, microbacteria, fungi, nematodes, cilliates and protozoa are attracted by the ‘exudates’ or excess secretions given out by the plants in the form of sugars. These carbohydrates are the result of photosynthesis and feed the microorganisms. In turn the microorganisms help the plants gain nourishment and access nutrients from the minerals and trace elements in the soil.


Art quality limited edition print available on request from the artist 75cm x 75cm  for £175.

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The Intelligence of the Mycorrizosphere, 2022

Paint pigments, water, binder
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